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Which Audition Song?

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

I recently had a young actor come to see me for help with audition pieces for his entrance exam into Drama School. He had chosen a wonderful song for his audition which I initially thought "perfect!". The piece was a fantastic musical theatre song with a wonderful orchestral arrangement, it climbed a great many notes and was somewhat complex in melody. He then explained that he had to sing it a-Capella, at which I started to doubt my initial enthusiasm, this song would have been perfect if you had the backing of a piano, however singing it a-Capella is certainly a challenge, especially if your strong point ebbs towards acting and not singing.

After a bit of discussion I recommended a song that tells a story, yet has a simple melody; after all this is an audition for acting school, not musical theatre and what the audition panel will be looking for is the ability to express oneself through singing. I explained to my pupil that when you have an audition - you must keep your piece in context to what is required. We went on to have a fun lesson focusing on how to use the voice to express the emotion and subject behind the song, and my pupil went away feeling confident that he would be able to deliver at his audition.

Thanks to my lovely pupil , I have decided to share with you a few top tips when choosing audition pieces.

1) Vocal Range

Make sure that the song demonstrates your full range - BUT be aware of your limits, you would be able to hit the high notes even when you are nervous

2) Song Choice

Choose a song that relates to the task in hand, for example if you are primarily auditioning for acting - choose a song that shows off your ability to act AND sing, if you are auditioning for the lead singer in a rock band - choose a Rock song that most relates to the style of the band.

3) Seek Advice

Get input from others - be It professional advice from a music teacher or from someone who's opinion you trust - it is always good to get feedback and ideas from others.

4) Choose a song that reflects your talent

Make sure the song relates to your ability - do not chose something too easy, but don't overdo it by choosing something that challenges you.

5) Be original with your song choice

Research the most popular audition songs and try to steer clear - you will be remembered more if you chose something that isn't what everyone else is doing.

Finally remember to select a song that you enjoy, it will make your audition a pleasant experience for you and the audition panel!

Thank you for reading my blog - I really hope that you found it useful. If you would like to get in touch, please feel free to fill out my contact form, I would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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