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Breathing for Singing

Breathing is very important, it helps us to live, to stay alert and to regenerate our systems; when it comes to singing, many people start to make breathing a complicated thing.

In my experience as a singer and teacher, the more relaxed about breathing we can be the easier it is for us to sing and get the results that we want.

Some singers and singing teachers believe that the way that air is used in singing should be in a forceful way "pushing air" to achieve sound. This is not necessarily effective and requires a larger amount of energy than is needed. What is far more effective is the ability to control a measured amount of breath passing over your vocal chords to create your required sounds.

Try this exercise which helps us focus on breathing into the lower part of our lungs and controlling the air as it leaves our body.

Breathe into the lower part of your rib-cage for a count of 8, hold the feeling of fullness for a count of 4 and then hiss the air out for as long as you can. By hissing we are expelling the air in a consistent measured breath. Repeat this and increase the amount of counts to 10 and 12.

This is as difficult as breathing should get - and once you have trained yourself to breathe effectively, you will find that your phrasing and intonation improve no end.

Breathing is important for singing, but remember it is not as complex as you think, if you want to gain more power from your voice there are techniques that I will talk about in a future blog!

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